3 day juice plan

The 3 day juice plan is awesome! Some questions that often come up are…

Can I workout during the 5 Day cleanse?
Yes, but keep your exercises light to moderate, 1 hour brisk walk or a bike ride. You don’t want to overextend yourself during your cleanse, it isn’t safe.

Can I drink coffee or tea?
I don’t recommend drinking any coffee, a good alternative would be herbal teas. Our favorites are Get Lean (in the morning) if you’re trying to lose weight, plus it has some natural caffeine. Get Clean (in the evening) to help further your detox, and Get Chill, whenever you want to relax, great before bed! All these teas can be found at swamimamiteas.com, they only use the highest quality loose leaf tea, plus it’s organic, natural and locally grown.

Can I eat solid food?
If you feel you need solid food, feel free to add in a fresh salad, only using organic fresh vegetables and seeds (pumpkin, flax, hemp, chia). For dressing you can use coconut oil (or olive oil) and lemon with fresh herbs and black pepper. Do not use any meat or dairy. If you do a workout, you can also add in avocado for a treat!

What recipe should I use?
When it says ‘Green’ choose ANY juice from the green recipes, and so on with all the other colors.



3 Day Juice Plan

Orange Juices - 3 day juice plan

Red Juices - 3 Day Plan

Green Juices 3 Day Juice Plan
 Purple Juices - 3 Day Plan

This 3 day juice plan is simple, we have color coordinated each meal to make it easy and fun for you! Juicing has a ton of great benefits, and for just one long weekend you can help…

  • Promote detoxing of your body
  • Makes digestion easy
  • Promotes a lovely complexion
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce inflammation throughout your body
  • Kick start any weight loss needed
  • Reduce cravings of unhealthy foods
  • Increase cravings of healthy fruits and vegetables


*If you are nursing, pregnant, under 18, or have a severe medical disorder,  it is always recommended to check with your trusted health professional before you start any juice or weight loss plan. It is important to not take any food supplements, medications, or vitamins, except if your doctor prescribes them.  You need a fully-functioning and clean juicer for this healthy plan.

Follow this colorful schedule below by choosing the orange, purple, green, and red juices that you want to drink.  All recipes create 12 ounces of juice or a bit more.  Do not drink any juices 3 hours prior to bedtime. Give your body plenty of time to repair and regenerate throughout the night.

3 day juice plan guide

Waking up: Drink 16 ounces of hot water with lemon and/or ginger recommended for flavor.
Breakfast: Drink Red or Orange
Brunch: Drink 16 oz. unflavored coconut water
Lunch time: Green Juices
Afternoon Snack: Red or Green Juice
Dinner: Go with Green
Dessert: Time for Orange or Purple Juice
Bedtime: Relax with a nice cup of herbal tea.

Note: Drink your water! How much? Follow this simple equation. First get your weight: ? (let’s say 150), next Divide your weight by 2 = 75. You should consume 75 ounces of water per day. This number will adjust as your weight decreases. Please also note that tea and coconut water count towards your daily totals. If you workout a lot, you may want to add an additional 4-8 ounces per 1/2 hour of sweating.

Juicing Directions: Wash and scrub all fruits and vegetables. Cut into smaller pieces if needed for your particular juicer. We don’t usually have to cut with our awesome Breville, one of the reasons we love it! Toss all ingredients into your juicer and grind them up! If you need to make juice for the whole day, I recommend adding lemon or lime to the juice to keep it fresh and to keep all the minerals and nutrients intact.

If you must eat, opt for a salad with fresh greens and vegetables, add some avocado for healthy fat and fiber, you may use olive oil and lemon or orange for dressing

Orange Juices

Apple Carrot Lemon
2 apples
4 carrots
1 lemon*

Carrot Apple Ginger
2 apples
3 carrots
1″ piece of ginger

2 oranges
1 beet
4 carrots

Red Juices

1 beet
3 carrots
1 apple
3 cups of leafy greens
Small, one-inch piece of ginger root

Sporty Spice
(Excellent for before and after workouts)
2 beets
3 stalks celery
1 carrot
1 peeled orange
½ peeled lemon
1 handful of basil leaves

Watermelon Crush
1 small watermelon
1 handful basil
1 peeled lime
*juice watermelon rind and all.

Sweet n’ Sour
1 beet
1 apple
4 large carrots
1 or 2 cups of grapefruit
1 inch ginger

Green Juices

Persian Garden
2 cucumbers
6 to 8 kale leaves
2 apples
1 handful of parsley

Green Lemonade
1 green apple
5 large stalks celery
1 cucumber
5 stalks kale
1 handful parsley
lemon juice to taste

Mean Green
1 cucumber
2 celery stalks
6 kale leaves**
½ lemon*
1 green apple
Small, one-inch piece of ginger root

Purple Juices

Pear or Peach Pie Delight
2 ripe pitted peaches or pears
1 red apple
1 sweet potato
1 handful of blueberries
Add a dash of cinnamon

Purple Passion
30 grapes of any color
1 handful of mint
1 basket of blueberries

Purple People Heeler
1 small watermelon
6 to 8 kale leaves
2 handfuls of blueberries

*Peel citrus and beets to rid bitterness, feel free to use the peel if you want as it has many benefits, just use organic.

** Kale is very nutritious. If you do not have kale use collards, swiss chard, spinach, or any combination.


  1. Susan Thornton says:

    always looking for new recipes and ideas :)

  2. Jessie Sorensen-Egan says:

    So on the "orange" drinks what would you recommend to substitute the lemon/lime/orange. I am allergic.

  3. Jessie Sorensen-Egan says:

    So on the "orange" drinks what would you recommend to substitute the lemon/lime/orange. I am allergic.

  4. Diane says:

    looking for new drinks

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